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    4 Tips to Help Make Buying a Home Less Stressful

    5603681683_845729d4b2_zWe know that buying a home can seem like a daunting experience.  But there are some simple things you can do to help avoid some of the potential stress people encounter.

    And what better way to learn about buying a new home, than from the people who do it for a living? Since your new home is not like a new car, you can’t just simply test drive it, but you can learn what you really need to know from the pros.

    • Compromise Your Priorities. When buying a new home, make sure your priorities don’t get lost in all of the new home frills. After all, you can add the luxuries, but can’t make a home fit all of the priorities. Looking for a Rancher in walking/ biking distance of the Charlottesville Downtown Mall, but it’s appliances aren’t all up-to-date and the kitchen needs new countertops? While compromising your priorities, take into account that new appliances and countertops can be updated at a later time.
    • Dig into Details. Something to scope out is the home’s not-so-obvious maintenance costs. Explore homeowner’s insurance, scope out trees, ask how old the appliances are, and check the sewer line. When moving into a new home, walking into unexpected surprises can be a headache and exploring these aspects can help you budget for future complications.
    • Focus on Lifestyle. Where do you plan on being in 5 years? Do you want to grow or are you looking to downsize? Millennials, especially, should take into consideration if they plan on having children– look into the schools, pools, and recreation areas. Think about your lifestyle preferences and how they might change in the next few years. 
    • Think About Resale.  Do not buy or build something so unique that you cannot resell. With that being said, make sure your new home fits in line with your neighbor’s price range—if you go to resell your home, this can be an uphill battle to maintain your desired price. Also think about what is next to the home—Is there vacant land that could be developed or are there high-traffic businesses? Of course, buying a home isn’t just about resell, but it’s an important factor to consider. 

    At Strong Team REALTORS, we’ve helped hundreds of people in the Charlottesville area find their perfect home. These tips are just a brief overview of what to look for in the buying process and our team would love to share more tips with you.

    If you are interested in speaking with someone about finding your perfect home, let us know.

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